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Train The Business Team Coach

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The MBCI Way

Mentors and Business Coaches International offers its Accredited MBCs the opportunity to extend their understanding of the MBCI Way of Mentoring one on one, to the MBCI Way of Coaching teams. This methodology uses trained coaches to empower teams to change workplace cultures, find solutions to issues and to turn traditional hierarchies upside down. The MBCI Way of Coaching releases the potential of organisations through its people.

Unique Combination of Workshops and Fieldwork

MBCI’s Train the Business Team Coach Program (TTC), previously known as Train the Business Coach, is the second of its two training programs and is designed for MBCI Accredited Mentors. Building on the foundation of TTM (Train the Mentor) the TTC Program shifts the focus from working with individuals to working with teams within an organisation.

The aim of TTC is to train you, so that you can be part of a group of MBCs who facilitate and coach client teams who will bring transformational change to their organisations, boards and companies. You will practice a range of techniques and methodologies to build ownership within the people of a client organisation. These teams will be able to address the key issues through their project teams, working together to implement agreed strategies. Coached by MBCs such as yourself, you will join a group of MBCs who have the necessary skills to facilitate an organisation through a season of change.

TTC is a practical facilitation-training program focusing on a case study that enables you to follow the process of leading transformational change within an organisation. Over the 4 days you will be introduced to a series of tools central to this facilitation process.

The Workshops

The workshops are an interactive 32 hours of covering 8 modules over 4 days. These modules encourage personal and group interaction in a framework that allows individuals to support and learn from each other. During these 4 days you learn the fundamentals of the change process as well as the tools needed for the various stages of the journey. Accredited MBCI facilitators lead the workshops.

The Fieldwork

This part of the TTC training consists of joining a group of MBCs to facilitate a change process within an organisation. When possible you will be given the opportunity to join an MBCI team to give you a real, live hands-on learning experience to see firsthand a transformational change process delivered the MBCI Way. This aspect is critical to TTC and is the key to ensuring the development of competent and skilled MBCI team coaches.

Program Dates

The MBCI TTC Program is conducted in countries around the world. You will find full details of this program on the MBCI Website under MBCI Training Schedules. Places may be limited so you are requested to confirm your registration well in advance.


A Certificate of Competency of the TTC Program will be awarded to every participant who completes both the 4 days of workshops and appropriate fieldwork.
An overview of the modules is listed:

· Introduction: Facilitating Organisational Change
· The MBCI Team Coaching Program
· The Diagnostic: Holding up the Mirror
· Developing and Presenting the Proposal
· The Strategic Planning Workshop
· Empowered Team Based Culture
· The Art of Facilitating a Team
· MBCI Collaborative Approach


32 hours over 4 days, 8 modules of interactive workshops.
· Training materials and manuals.
· Morning/afternoon tea and lunch.

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