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Train The Business Mentor

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Do you want to discover how you can be a more effective mentor?


MBCI Train the Business Mentor Program is designed to transform individuals into credible Mentor-Leaders. Mentor-Leaders who will stimulate others to expand their horizons, question assumptions and examine beliefs and values in order to develop their best potential.

At MBCI we understand your need to be a more effective Mentor-Leader. This practical facilitation-training program will prepare you in the use of sound principles in mentoring. You will gain all the practical skills required and you will be provided with a comprehensive manual with information that will enhance your abilities as a mentor.

The program commences with an engaging 32 hours of group workshops covering 8 modules. These modules encourage personal and group interaction, in a framework that allows individuals to support each other.

The 8 modules are:
  • Introduction to Mentoring
  • The Mentoring Roadmap
  • The Foundations of Mentoring
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Barriers and Challenges to Mentoring
  • Mentoring Tools
  • The Planning Process
  • Future Directions
This phase of the Train the Business Mentor Program is the equipping & empowering stage. Participants will learn the fundamentals of a good mentoring-coaching relationship. They will also be equipped and empowered with the tools that are needed to develop their mentees-coachees in general business and people development skills.

 Fully certified MBCI facilitators will lead the workshop phase.

 Workshops will be coordinated with your work commitments in mind. Thus programming can be scheduled with inbuilt reflection days to allow you to participate both in the workshop and within your workplace with a minimum of disruption to both.

 Introduction To Mentoring

  • What is the Train the Business Mentor program?
  • The definitions of mentoring
  • The MBCI learning model
  • Summary of outcomes
  • The assessment criteria
  • Descriptions of the mentoring relationship
  • The roles of the mentor
  • The characteristics of a great mentor

The Mentoring Roadmap

  • Establishing the mentoring relationship
  • Mentee selection
  • The GROW plan
  • Identifying the mentee's needs
  • Clarifying the desired outcomes
  • SMART goal setting
  • The mentoring agreement
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress
  • Adapting to meet new needs

The Foundations of Mentoring

  • Understanding yourself - your ethics, your style
  • The impact of your moments of choice
  • The Johari window
  • Identifying your personal maps
  • Ethical decision making
  • Values and principles
  • Developing a personal values statement
  • Leadership styles
  • Leaders and their followers
  • Situational leadership
  • Developing your mentoring code of ethics

Mentoring Skills

  • The HOW of mentoring
  • What mentoring is not
  • Mind mapping
  • Communication
  • Active and reflective listening
  • Questioning or interrogation
  • Using body language effectively
  • Value to others principle
  • Time management

Barriers and Challenges to Mentoring

  • The barriers to mentoring
  • Using a force-field
  • Overcoming the barriers
  • The challenges of mentoring
  • Exploring the capacity to change
  • The DVP formula for change
  • Cultural change

Mentoring Tools

  • Analytical techniques and tools for overcoming barriers
  • Brainstorming
  • The 5 whys
  • Project ranking
  • Project management
  • Force field analysis

The Planning Process

  • The personal mentoring plan
  • Plan to improve
  • The planning process
  • The principles of TQM
  • Continuous improvement

Future Directions

  • Assessment
  • Revising our action plans
  • My personal code of ethics
  • Your mentoring program
  • Questions
  • Program evaluation


This part of the program commences the practical application learned from the workshops with personalised one-on-one mentoring sessions that are run over 24 weeks (six months). These sessions are facilitated by an MBCI Accredited Mentor.

The one-on-one phase is the experiential phase where the participant experiences a first-hand live mentoring relationship with an MBCI Accredited Mentor. Two things happen during this phase. One is that the participant experiences mentoring for themselves. Two is that they are further coached in the art of mentoring others.

This aspect to the Train the Business Mentor Program is key to the creation of competent and skilled mentors.


The Train the Business Mentor Program is ideal for senior managers and executives and business owners. As one of these professionals you will want to provide significance into the lives of others by using tried, tested and proven principles, which embrace and compliment the art of Facilitation and Problem Solving. 


  • 32 hours over 4 days, 8 modules of interactive workshops.
  • 24 hours over 6 months, one-on-one mentoring field work support.
  • Training materials and manuals.
  • Morning/afternoon tea and lunch.


The MBCI Train the Business Mentor Program will be conducted in all of the countries that MBCI operates in. You will find full details of all scheduled Train the Business Mentor programs on the MBCI Website under Events.

Since seats are limited, participants are requested to confirm their registration well in advance for the program they are interested to attend.


 A Certificate of Completion of the Train the Business Mentor Program will be awarded to every participant who completes both the 4 days workshop and the 6 months one-on-one mentoring fieldwork support.

Training schedules can be found under "Events".
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