Jenna Jefferies

Accredited Business Mentor MBCI

Carla Fortunato Olivia

Carla Fortunato-Olivier

My greatest passion in business & leadership coaching is being a catalyst in individuals / teams to discover their innate purpose and facilitating towards a processed growth path and achievements

Gabrielle Fortunato

I am deeply passionate about creating spaces for meaningful conversations, where individuals can discover and embrace their unique passions, and calling. My purpose is to ignite transformation, both at the personal and organizational levels, guiding and supporting individuals to walk in their purpose, find fulfillment , and experience healing.

Ashleigh Elgar

My passion and desire as a leadership and purpose Coach is to facilitate the unique journey of transformation, empowering the individual to discover, gain clarity and develop actionable steps that will move them forward in their unique purpose. Resulting in a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life, both personally & professionally.

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