The owner of a business or any person in leadership has an important responsibility to be an effective “driver”.  But so many people sabotage this by unresolved issues.  Janet and Brett talk about the role of an effective coach, in facilitating their client to become the effective driver which they need to be.

Video Transcription


I’m meeting with Janet Schulz again. As independent coaches, Janet and I relate to each other through mentors and Business Coaches International.

Janet, it was great speaking with you a little while ago, when you spoke about the role of a coach, and you made a distinction between the role of the coach and a counselor, that was great.

I thought I might just talk a little bit about where people make a distinction between a personal coach and a business coach.

You know, people sometimes say to me, your personal coaching or business coach, and I explained to them when someone’s buying a car, they might do a lot of research into buying the car. But I thought I’d better learn how to drive first, I’ll buy this expensive car that I’ve researched, and drive it out of the car yard and have an accident.

And it’s the same for somebody in business, and the owner of a business is the driver of the business.

And so I like to work with the owner first before we talk about what is seen as typical business coaching. Because the owner needs to learn how to drive that business, and they may sabotage the business, they may sabotage the business by emotional issues, such as an anger issue or inability to make a decision or whatever.

So I like to start my coaching, by working with the owner of the business on their, their personal issues, I guess, in a sense, the roadblocks to their success, establishing what their strengths are. And then if that grows into what’s seen as more traditional business coaching, well, that’s great.

But I think it’s really important to get the drive of the business a lot first, how do you feel?


Absolutely Brett, I think often, you know, there are barriers that people have in themselves, that block them from actually being successful. Yeah, you know, owning their own business. And often people have come out of an employee situation.

As an organization, they felt uncomfortable inside they thought, ah, I’ll be my own boss. And so they haven’t really come to grips with what it means to actually be a leader of people and to run a business themselves.


We do some exciting work Janet.


We certainly do. Every client is different.


Certainly are and every client is equally as important.




Okay, Janet, always good to talk with you. Enjoy your day.


Bye Brett. Thank you.

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